Little Odds and Ends to Bring Everyone Up To Date

So the Texas Thug is at the body shop having it’s “Trailer Rash” fixed, paint touched up, a better job on the bumpers, and to paint the underside of the hood. I’ll be picking it up tomorrow.

The underside of Screaming Woody has been scraped, sanded, and scuffed.

Painting starts tomorrow. The sheet metal in silver POR15 and frame and cross braces in gloss black POR15. The rear end and 4-link has been disassembled, cleaned, and scuffed. They’ll be painted in gloss red. Hopefully, rear suspension to Screaming Woody will be re installed by end of the month.

My race in Norwalk last month ended before the first round of Eliminations when the new MSD starter fragged trying to start the car to go to the lanes. I thought I’d try MSD, but I’m back to Powermaster after driving cross country to break this way.

Naturally, you can’t buy a cast nose to fit it.

Cleaning up some lightweight work in last week:

  • Pulled the Slant 6 from my 1960 Plymouth. Going to clean and paint under the hood, and then a pretty bad-assed Low Deck and 4-speed will find their new home there.
  • 1981 Imperial was tuned up and AC fixed. Next week I hope to have buffed out the paint and take photos to list for sale.
  • 1958 Dodge pickup had its throw out bearing replaced and clutch linkage repaired. It too will have it’s paint buffed out, glamour photos taken, and listed for sale.

  • Recovered the seats on the golf cart a couple of months ago. Making a cushion back, for the top cushion of the back seat, to hide the seams and staples.
  • Greased the bearings on the stacker.
  • Cleaned and repacked bearings on open trailer
  • Cleaned, repacked bearings, and installed new seals on enclosed trailer.
  • Mowed 5 acres today
  • Took 17.5″ Stacker tire to Discount Tire to use their cage to inflate and let beads seat

Tomorrow I drive through Tropical Storm Gordon to bring back “The Thug” at Randy’s from Louisiana. Have some work to do to get it ready for the Indy race later in the month. Much of the next few weeks will be spent getting the Vitamin C, 81 Imperial, 78 Magnum, 2014 F150 and 58 pickup ready to list for sale. And as previously stated, hope to have underside of the Screaming Woody finished this month.

In Today’s Episode of “As The Shop Rocks”

Thug was loaded into the stacker, and its ready to head to Norwalk, Ohio next Monday afternoon. I really needed the shop space it was taking. Cars are parked and stored everywhere until I can get furniture (sold my house in Katy Monday) sold that taking up valuable car space.

The clutch pedal on my 58 Dodge Pickup wasn’t engaging. Pulled the bell-housing off, and the throw-out bearing was literally held on with bailing wire. New parts ordered and that will be fixed so I can sell it, as part of my Make life easier with less stuff plan. Sold a very nice Little Red Express for $35k Friday. I’d had that truck for a long time, as I’ve had this 58.

Took the motorhome to get inspected, and then to the DMV to renew tags for it, my 64 Imperial convertible, and Ole Blue – my 94 Harley. Moved a bunch of cars around, to keep them all covered while I work on getting my 12-car garage back by selling furniture in it.

Pulled the rear suspension out of the wagon “The Screamin Woody“. My shop rat will spend the next week cleaning it and the underside of the car so it can be inspected, fixed where needed, and painted before reassembly.

Moving on to my 1999 Kawasaki Drifter 1500. removed the fenders and tank, which I’ll take to either have painted or wrapped. Still deciding.

When the bike is just started, the hydraulic clutch engages right at the end of letting the lever out, and there’s no adjustment. When the bike gets warm, the clutch slips. Bleeding didn’t help, so the clutch was taken out and inspected. The 8 discs were a little worn but in spec. However the three retaining springs were flattened out and not in spec. Since the discs were only $13 each, I figured I’ll replace them as the bike will be in my garage when I die. It my only bike I can ride in shorts without getting a muffler burn. Unfortunately, the parts won’t be here until next week.

This morning, my ac unit on the other side of the wall from my bed woke me with the racket it was making. Outside it was rocking like an out of balance washing machine, and worked its way off the foundation. One of the blades broke off, breaking two other blades. I called my home warranty and was told the ac repair guy would call an schedule within 24 hours. No calls today. August in Southern Texas means they’re backed up, and we’re sitting in front of fans.

Finally, the 46 Olds Street Rod got a new set of plugs, wires and cap. Its ready for interior, but I don’t have an interior shop lined up. The one I was using screwed me the last time.

Tomorrow the plan is to put the Vitamin C in my other trailer and move a 1960 Plymouth Project from the back row to the lift bay. The leaning tower of Power and 3-on-tree will be coming out and replaced with a BB Mopar and 4-Speed. It’s interior i already done in Navajo Indian blankets, and the exterior will be a funky Southwest look. The underside has also been cleaned, painted and rebuilt. It has an 8.75″ axle from a 68 Chrysler.

So much to do, so little time!

And So The Torched Is Passed To The Screamin’ Woody

In 2005, a 1960 Plymouth Station Wagon was converted into a Nostalgia Super Stock drag car, called the Texas Whale.

The Texas Whale was the car that propelled Dave Schultz to the Nostalgia Super Stock National Championship of NMCA for 2014. Click Here if you wish to visit the Texas Whale web site.

After over a decade of faithful service, the Texas Whale was starting to get “Long on the Tooth” and overdue for a complete restoration. Since the restoration of the “Texas Thug” (backup car) had just been completed, a decision was made to race the Thug as the primary car in 2018, and to restore the Texas Whale.¬† While “The Whale” is widely recognized and admired, Dave felt that racing the only 1960 Plymouth 2-dr Wagon wasn’t quite unique enough. One way to become the absolutely most unique car racing in Nostalgia Super Stock — was to race the class’ only 1960 Plymouth Wood Paneled 2-dr Wagon, and thus the concept of the “Screamin’ Woody was born in Dave’s strange mind.

The Whale was stripped down of its drive train and trim, had some body imperfections addressed, and wet sanded smooth.

An artist and Dave worked on Dave’s vision, and the car was taken to Evansville, IN. to have that vision applied onto the body of the wagon.

The wagon returned to the MoparStyle Racing shop in Beasley, TX this last Tuesday, to begin the long process of having virtually every part of the car removed and restored or replaced. The hope is to have the car ready for the first 2019 NMCA race next March.

Today starts the beginning of the “Screamin’ Woody’s” new web site. It will be built concurrently with the car. Updates will be regular, so bookmark this address to follow along with progress of both the car and the site.